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Well, first I found out that my sister's having problems, and it really worried me. It was hard for me to work; all I wanted to do was talk to her about it. She's OK now though.

Then, we got a package from Bealls department store - it was a stack of invoices for Eastern Mountain sports that had been generated on 9/25 and the due date was 10/25. I emailed EMS' customer service rep and asked her if there was a street address I could overnight the invoices to because FedEx doesn't deliver to PO boxes. The customer service rep forwarded my email to the person in accounts receivable, and I got the right address. (Here's what had happened, as far as I could see: when we get large stacks of invoices that won't fit in windowed envelopes, we put them into big envelopes and type out their address onto a label for the envelope. We often get big stacks of Bealls and big stacks of EMS invoices, and the two labels must have been accidentally switched.) Apparently, EMS called yesterday and told the A/R person they got Bealls' invoices, and we had them overnight them back to Bealls on our tab. So I overnighted the invoices to the new address and was really upset because the A/R person told me that now Columbia's monthly goal is going to be off by $1 million. I was upset, that is, until I realized that I WASN'T EVEN IN THE MAILROOM FOR MOST OF SEPTEMBER, AND DONNITA DOESN'T TYPE. That can only mean that NAN FUCKED UP. I set it straight with my boss and my supervisor and even though the customer service rep and the accounts receivable person think it was my fault, I feel lots better.

Then Mrs Boyle was on the warpath because she's been getting a bunch of angry letters from consumers about an ad we put into a magazine that said "Hoods are all the rage on the Paris runways. Like we give a crap." (An ad, I might add (HA), that she expressly informed the marketing manager NOT to run.) And we got a fax from Florida Family Services that said one of our commercials aired during Comedy Central's "Porn 'n Chicken," a show that isn't the most wholesome of shows (even though it's rated TV-14) and that we needed to watch that show and ask ourselves why we'd want to advertise during a show like that. (OK, so commercial spots later in the evening are cheaper, and we can't choose what show we want to run a commercial during - how stupid!)

Then our phone guy got in an accident (not his fault) on the way back to work from the old building, and really messed up the passenger side of one of the two company suburbans and had to go to the hospital (he's OK).

OK, so now I have to type some nice things, or I'll go crazy.

When I got home, I put up the new white lights around the balcony. When it gets dark, I'll turn them on and see how they look. But first I have to find the outlet that's buried inside the storage closet out there under boxes and bags and things.

When it gets darker and colder outside, and after I'm done playing with my lights, I'm going to put on my red plaid flannel nightgown, build a fire in our fireplace, and sit in front of it and cross stitch.

OK, I feel a bit better now.
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