Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I'm so efficient. Whenever I'm working until 4:30, I have nothing to do for the last half-hour, sometimes more. This morning I came in an hour early, so I figured I'd be busy right up until it was time to go home. Turns out I've got the last half-hour with nothing to do again. Darn.

I'm crocheting a teddy bear for Sydney. On Saturday I was ticked off because the craft store didn't have any more of the same yarn and I had to start over again. Now I'm almost done with the body, with new yarn. I'm thinking about making a lamb for Anna. But Cory already got her Duplos and I don't want Sydney to be jealous. Eh, she can't be jealous. She's barely six months old, I think.

Someone give me ideas of what to do on the three-day weekend after we get back from Thanksgiving.
Tags: crochet
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