Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

What a nice evening. :)
We went downtown to see the tree light up in Pioneer Courthouse Square. We stood there for almost two hours, with people all around us, and ate turkey cranberry sandwiches and drank gingerbread and eggnog lattes (but not mixed together - eww). We walked around Pioneer Place and looked at Legos, and then went to Toys R Us and got some since they were cheaper there. There are no toy stores in Pioneer Place. Who's idea was that?

Thanksgiving was good too. We left here just after 5:30am and drove to Mom's. The sunrise over Mt. Hood was gorgeous. We had lots of family time and ate pretty late for us - almost 3. (We normally have Thanksgiving lunch and then eat leftovers for dinner). Then the women in the family talked about wedding stuff, and the men sat around the kitchen table looking at maps of Oregon and talking about good camping places. It was a nice day. It's too bad Mom lives so far away, though.

Tomorrow morning we have breakfast with Nicoal and Josh on Hawthorne, and then we'll play for the rest of the day. Except it feels like Sunday. I like that.
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