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Dec. 4th, 2002

I forgot to post yesterday. So I'll pretend it's yesterday now.

Last night I had 2 scary dreams. At least, they were scary when I was having them. One was that I was in my old backyard in SE Portland and in the flowerbed there was a huge hole slanting down like a molehole might be, but I could have fit in there. I had a stick in my hand, and as I threw it into the hole I asked my sister, who was walking with me, why the whole was so big. She said "that's where a snake lives!" and sure enough, a huge snake came barreling out of the hole and latched onto my finger. It hurt really bad, I remember, but it didn't break the skin. I kept yelling at people to help me, to kill the snake, to call 911, but nobody really cared that there was a gigantic snake on my finger.

Then Cory and Remmy and I were walking around in New York, and there was a skywriter in the sky making color pictures that we couldn't understand. We knew it was Al-Qaeda though, being mad at the US. Then all these planes started dropping cherry bombs that'd stay on the ground for a few seconds and then blow up. They dropped them so that people would go look at them and they'd blow up in their faces. So we ran into a house that we were staying in to protect ourselves, but there were a lot of people sitting on the porch, watching the planes and cherry bombs. (Some of the bombs looked like little baseballs and basketballs, too.) While Cory and Remmy hid inside, I went onto the porch to talk to people, and after a few minutes these huge trains came down the street. The lady on my left got up without saying goodbye and got onto a train, and I realized that they were evacuating us. The first train passed, and when the second one arrived, I asked the guy on my right if we should go. He said yes, and started pulling me towards the train, but I yelled "wait! My fiance!" and broke away and ran inside the house. We kept trying to leave but then we'd remember something that the dog needed, like a blanket or water.
Then I woke up.

The end.