Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, this morning we drove to Peet's Coffee downtown for their grand opening, and got some free beans. Then we drove Remmy to the park across from our apartment. I was sitting in the car, crocheting, while Cory and Remmy played. All of a sudden, I saw this german shepherd flying across the parking lot towards Remmy, so I got out of the car and went out to see what'd happen. The german shepherd's owner came up next to us and we all watched Remmy try to play with the ball (she doesn't care about playing with other dogs) and the other dog try to nip Remmy and grab her ball. The other dog got the ball a few times and kept taunting Remmy with it, until finally the lady grabbed the ball from her dog and held it behind her back for like five minutes, and kept saying "go play!" to the dogs. Cory even said "Remmy doesn't really like to play with other dogs, unless there's a ball around" but the lady didn't seem to care that she was holding someone else's toy while her dog tried to play with Remmy. Remmy, of course, knew the ball was in the lady's hand, and she was trying to wait patiently for it, which was hard because the other dog kept trying to jump up on Remmy and nip her. Finally we got the ball back from the lady and left, but of course her dog followed us, trying to nip Remmy some more, until Remmy lashed out at it and got it to go away. Argh - stupid lady and her stupid dog.
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