Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

I like weekends. Except I have a lot to do during this one. Well, it's halfway over, and I got the grocery shopping for my baking done. And we cleaned up most of the house so Mike could come over and watch Amelie with us. And I got 2.5 ornaments done. That's pretty good.

Tomorrow we're going to brunch with my grandma/pa and aunt/uncle, and aunt, and dad/his wife, which we can only stay at for an hour, and then we're going down to Salem to meet Adam and Laura (Cory's friends) for... well it was going to be lunch, but everybody will have already eaten by that time. Being in the car for that long will help me get more ornaments done. Then on Monday evening or Tuesday sometime, I have to make 2 batches of fudge, 2 dozen ham and cheese rye muffins, and 1 dozen marmalade poppyseed muffins to take to Christmas. I'm pretty sure I'll have all the Christmas ornaments done by Tuesday, and I have to wrap the cousins' gifts. Then when Christmas is over, I have to finish Cory's stocking (there was no way I'd have been able to finish it before Christmas - oh well, it'll be done in time for next Christmas!) and crochet a black basket-weave afghan for my coworker Marci, and a baby sacque/booties for my coworker Phyllis to give to her neighbor's newborn. Lots to do, especially considering I also need to start crocheting edgings for 8 hankies, not including my own, if I decide to have one (I'm sure I'll need it!). And I need to actually PLAN wedding stuff. Shame on me for putting it off. :)
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