Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

What a nice morning.

I got up just after 10 (we stayed up until midnight last night) and made Cory coffee and eggnog french toast. I got the recipe from someone at work. They weren't very good at all. But that's OK! And now I'm washing the dishes, which I made a huge mess of last night when Nicoal came over. (We watched White Christmas and had spaghetti, and then made a batch of muffins and two batches of fudge. It made the fudge-making go by so much faster than if I had to do it myself!)

So now I'm piddling around, trying to finish up two or three more pairs of mitten ornaments, and Cory just took apart all his Star Wars Legos and is trying to make a starship Enterprise out of them. I'm so excited to be finished with these ornaments!

Life is good. I like sharing Christmas Eve with Cory. And Remmy and Trout.
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