Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

This morning, Cory turned over in bed and groaned. Kitty, sitting in my underwear drawer, meowed back at him. :)

I drove Cory and I down to Stacy's house in Salem, and we were the second family there. It took us almost four hours to open presents (we sit in a circle and open presents one at a time so everybody can see what everybody else got) and then we ate and talked for awhile, and then we left. It was really fast. I got a really cute glass fairy ornament that looks like it's divebombing, with its hair streaming back and its head down. And I got a self-healing mat and some rotary cutter things so I can make a quilt! How exciting! Now I have no excuses for learning how to make one. :)

Haley came up to Portland with us from Salem, and I just took her to Dad's house. I stayed long enough to see the door open, and then I left really quick. I didn't want them to try to get me to come in.

Now I have to face the fact that I have to work tomorrow. Sad! I want tomorrow and Friday off. Grr.
Tags: christmas
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