Meggie! (rivulet) wrote,

So, Kate should probably get her license back by the weekend, if all goes as planned. Yay!

Yesterday I got my hair cut. It looks rather like Ashley Judd's haircut... kinda full on the top and then flipped out on the ends. Pretty short. Everybody likes it. Then right after my hair appointment, I went to see my new friend Josh. We saw Final Destination because I saw it in the theater with Mike and thought it was hilarious, and then we saw Crazy/ Beautiful, which wasn't all that great. Josh is really fun to hang out with. He's really nice. And I think he likes me, which is also nice, but here we go again with my whole problem of finding cool stuff to do and people to do it with right before I have to go back to Oregon. Grr. Anyway, then Kate and I went to a bar in St. Paul to see a band, and they were loud, and it turned out to be kind of a double-date, which was weird. Neither of us knew that's what was going to happen. Oh well. So Kate and Charles made out at my car to say goodnight, and I was stuck with Ed (I hate that name) feeling weird that they weren't being very private about it... Anyway, now tonight I guess there's a huge party somewhere that we're going to go to and I have to work at nine tomorrow morning so I don't know if I want to stay long, if I even go at all. I kind of want to hang out with Josh more. I'm getting tired of having conversations with drunk people who don't know what they're talking about.

K, I'm gonna go to K-Mart and find some hair stuff. I'm too lazy to go to Target or Wal-Mart, and K-Mart's right across the street so it wins. I don't like being there much but maybe nobody will notice. :)

Here I go... whee!
Tags: mn adventures
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