February 3rd, 2001

S&G 1

What A Long Day...

K, I can finally breathe now. I got to work at 3 this afternoon and the first thing I hear is that one counter person called in sick, and the only cook called in sick. So we were a little busy this afternoon. Unfortunately, it wasn't dead at all in the store, so we had to work really hard. Then I had to go break the girl who dishes up the pizza and chinese food, and I had no idea what I was doing and made lots of mistakes in front of lots of customers. It didn't bother me that it was in front of customers, I just didn't know what anything was. Luckily, there was someone else there to help me. He had to do pretty much everything though, which made me sad. But after all that, I got to go home early. Yay! However, I REALLY need to find a new job. When I got there, I just didn't want to be there. I kept thinking, someone needs to either shoot me or give me a funnel and a bottle of hard liquor. Grr.

I also want to go to Oregon, but I'm not sure whether I'll have enough moolah to do it. I'd go for about two weeks, and that would be $400 or so I'd have to go without (I'd miss a paycheck). And I'd still have to pay rent and all that kind of stuff. So really, I'd need an extra $400, not $400 less. Hmm.

It's 10:30 and Charity isn't asleep again. I have to work again in twelve hours. Mike and Paul and Paul's friend are playing the stupid Playstation 2 snowboarding game. Sigh.