March 20th, 2001

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I'm almost tired of painting. I've discovered, as I'm sure most females have, that I enjoy painting
the trim. I spent more time this evening painting around the fuse box
and the phone wires than I did painting the second coat on a different wall, and I had
more fun doing it. I think I'm just better at it.

On another note... I started my cross-stitch again today. I was going to do it a long time
ago, but I couldn't because my thumb was so tender that I knew if I tried to
grab a needle it would just feel really weird and kinda hurt. So I held off until today, and
I got some more floss so I could finish.

I got my Hennepin County Library card today too! I'm excited about that. I have been
spending $50 bucks a pop at the Barnes and Noble down the street and then
even if I don't like the books, I still have to keep them. (Maybe I'll send them to Mom...)
NOW, I can have all those books for free!!! Yay!

Don't let me forget: I have to send another loan payment ASAP. I also have to send in my
taxes! Ack!!! I'm so forgetful. Grr.