March 22nd, 2001

S&G 1

Talk about rushed...

Today is Cheryl (Mike's cousin)'s bridal shower. It's really weird to me to be going to her
shower... I got to Minnesota at the end of September, and I went to the
shareholder's meeting for Pentstar, Mike's company. Mike's dad was hiring a new admin
guy from DC named Steve and he came to the meeting too, and he met
Cheryl there. They emailed each other for awhile, and when he moved over here like a
month later, they got engaged. So weird... Mike and I have been together for
almost two years, and we're not ready to get married... my mom and her husband took
six years... I wonder why these two had to hurry so much... speaking of hurrying, I have to go get Cheryl a gift! Ack!
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