March 27th, 2001

S&G 1

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I (finally) watched Braveheart last night. I watched Anna and the King too. It's amazing how long one can sit on one's behind without
moving much. (I DID cross-stitch though - I decided today that I'll probably give this one to Steve and Cheryl for their wedding. If
they'll appreciate it, which I'm not sure if they will. I'll have to ask around. I don't want to give anyone something that takes months for
me to complete if they think it's dumb.)
Anyway, as I was watching Braveheart, Angie kept coming in and making noise. She started the dishwasher, and turned on her music
in her room without shutting the door, and ran the vacuum in her room, and ran the disposal... etc etc etc. And then an hour later or so,
she came in and said she was recording some of Wendy's CDs onto tapes so if I went to bed before her I should tell her so she could
turn it down. Weird.

The other day, Mike was working in the shop by himself and a face shell fell onto his back. It was about 15 pounds and fell from 12 feet
up or so. I'm surprised he didn't get more hurt than he did. Imagine if it hit his head! Nobody else was there! He went to the
chiropractor today, who thinks everything is OK. Phew.

Kelly (a.k.a. Dandelion) just called me! I didn't know who it was and I screen my calls so I let her leave a message, and I'm trying to call
her back but she won't answer. Grr.

I just noticed that at I often end my paragraphs with a one-syllable word. Ha.