April 3rd, 2001

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I had Taco Bell for lunch today. I wonder why almost
every time I go through that drive-thru, I don't get a
straw OR a spork. It saddens me. Pepsi Cola, but not
straw. Pintos and Cheese, but no spork. What is this
world coming to?

I am going to get organized, finally. I went to Target and
got myself a little filing box so I can put all my insurance
and work and loan information into it. I am excited to start
filling it.

I am still saddened by the fact that they didn't give me a
spork. Sigh.
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S&G 1

(no subject)

I like organizing things that weren't organized before. I
went shopping and got one of those plastic file boxes
and cleaned out my desk. Then I cleaned out my closet. I
condensed a lot of stuff into smaller boxes. I got my
stupid under-bed box into the closet so it's not taking up
so much space in the corner beside my desk. I threw
away lots of stuff.

I also found my W2 from camp. Dad wanted me to find it
so he could include it in my taxes this year. The dumb
thing about it was right before I started organizing and
found the W2, I mailed my taxes out. Grr. Oh well.
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