April 9th, 2001

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I am so tired of the drama my roommates are involved
in. The other night, they had a screaming match again
because Angie didn't like the way Wendy decorated so
she started moving things around without asking and
putting up pictures that her ex-boyfriend (whom
Wendy HATES) up on the living room walls. Wendy
screamed at Angie, "DON'T YOU EVER F***ING
TOUCH MY S**T!!!!" and then proceeded to take
everything she owned off the walls and out of the
living room. That was three days ago and the living
room is still full of boxes and crap like that. I can't even
sit on the couches because since they're Angie's and
Wendy told Eric that they can't sit on them, and they
put stools and folding chairs in front of them so they
could sit while they watched TV. Wendy threw Angie's
videos out of her (Wendy's) entertainment center (mine
are still there, thank goodness) and things are just
generally not nice around here. My inconvenience,
besides the couches being blocked, include: they hung
their telephone on the wall, which covers up the only
jack I can use to put my internet phone cord in, so I
have to take the whole phone off the wall to use the
internet. Other than that, the only problem I have is that
this apartment is REALLY not fun to be around when
my roommates are practicing to be on The Real World.
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Silly People...

I don't know why I suddenly remembered this, but...
A few years ago, Dad and my sister Haley and I went to
Mt. St. Helens to look around. We got to a viewpoint
that looked over a huge ravine and showed flattened
trees and other devastation from the eruption about
fifteen or so years earlier, in 1980. As we got out of the
car and walked to the point, Haley looked around her
and gasped, "What DID this?!" Duh, Haley.

Another funny story... yesterday Mike and I were at his
parents' house, and he went downstairs to get lotion
because he said his face felt dry. He brought the bottle
upstairs and slathered it on his hands and face and up
his arms. He always puts way too much on, so I went to
him so I could get the excess and put it on my hands,
and I commented how it smelled like shampoo. We both
looked at the bottle that he had brought up, and it said,
very plainly, HEAD AND SHOULDERS.