April 11th, 2001

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I like my hair more this morning than I did last night. I'm
still going to dye it again so I don't have funny blonde
streaks. I'm trying to decide whether to let Jacque do it
since she can see better, or to let Kay do it, since Kay
knows what she's doing more than Jacque does. But is it
a matter of skill, or a matter of actually being able to see
what you're doing, as I cannot when I'm dying my own

It's raining outside, and my window is open. The birds
are loud, and I'm not used to it because it's been so cold
that there haven't been any birds at all for four months.
There's one bird in particular that doesn't have a very
pretty call at all - it kind of reminds me of a parrot or
something, but uglier. Sqawk. And it lives in the tree
outside my window. I think it should be evicted. If there
wasn't a screen on my window, and if the tree was a little
closer, I'd throw something at it so maybe it'd go away. I
don't want to hurt it, of course, I just want it to leave.
The rain is making ponds in the grass under my window.
I'm on the third floor, so I can see for a ways, and it is
disappointing that the ground doesn't just soak it all up
like it does in Oregon. We've only had about three days
of rain, and the ground doesn't like it at all. But I'm sure
all the little lakes are getting nice and full, which will be
good for later in the season when it's warm enough to
canoe or something. Mmm... canoeing....
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