April 12th, 2001

S&G 1

Can't a person get any sleep around here?!

Last night, Angie (you know, the one who tells me I talk
too loud on the phone at 1pm when she's trying to
sleep) was up I don't know how late yelling at her ex on
the phone again. I'm sooooo tired of that. I'm glad Mike
didn't sleep over. I was half asleep so I didn't do
anything, I just tried to fall asleep despite the swearing
and yelling and stuff. It eventually worked, but I'm still
a bit peeved.

My work uniform smells like grease. Eww.

On the good side: I am eating a Butteringer Blizzard. I
put it in the freezer overnight, and I like it much better
now that it's firm and not all runny.