April 18th, 2001

S&G 1

Happy Birthday, Nicoal!!!

I felt really bad that I couldn't tell Nicoal happy birthday
on her actual birthday... but, you see, I have no phone
line so I couldn't get online to write it! So I said it to
myself, but I don't think she heard me.

Angie might move out. We're not positive, but she told
me the other day that she has something planned for the
end of the month, and she won't tell us. It's OK if she
moves out because Wendy knows someone that will be
able to move in next month. But it's still annoying that
she won't tell us.

It's cold down here in Mike's room... this room used to be
my room... and it was cold then too... and it smells like
campfire smoke because he went camping and all his
camping stuff is strewn about the floor.

Steve and Cheryl got back from their honeymoon the day
before yesterday, and yesterday I took my cross-stitch
project to the fabric store to get it framed, but I decided
that I would let Cheryl frame it because the whole thing
was going to be almost eighty bucks. The frame was half
of that. So I decided that I wasn't going to frame it
myself. Plus I wanted to give it to her right then, not in
two weeks when they got finished with it. So I took it
over, frameless, to their apartment and gave it to them
and chatted with them for an hour and a half and then
Mike came to get me and we went out to get Chinese
food. Mike's been staying at my place since the carpet is
still all ripped up downstairs and there really isn't any
place for him to sleep at his parents' house. I like having
someone to put my arm over instead of a pillow.
Somehow it's more comfortable. And he warms up my
horribly cold feet, which is nice.

Random thought: I have lost weight again. When I first
got to Minnesota, I weight about 150 pounds. I dropped
fifteen whilst living at Mike's parents' house. I gained
five back, and I've lost six again. So now I weigh 134.
And my ring is too big. But my posterior still sticks out.
So if anyone ever mentions to me that they think they
have a large behind and that they're going to diet to get
rid of it, I shall tell them (even though I wasn't on a diet)
that losing weight in your fingers is much more likely
than losing it from your butt.

Speaking of butts, I have just completed eating a
half-price post-Easter hollow-chocolate bunny butt. That
was really fun to write. And even more fun to say out
loud. Try it. Half-price post-Easter hollow-chocolate
bunny butt. Ha.