April 29th, 2001

S&G 1

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Yesterday Angie moved out. She left her hide-a-bed
couch, but she poured water or something over it and
soaked it so we'd have to throw it out but she didn't want
to have to throw it out... nice of her to leave it for us...
and she left a note saying that she was going to keep her
keys so we'd have to pay the $160 for her, and that she'd
be dropping by occasionally for unexpected visits. She's
so crazy. In a bad way.

Speaking of weirdos, we were really busy at work
yesterday and some lady called and wanted me to ring up
her catering trays for her. I said we didn't do that (which
we can do, but I was so busy I didn't have time) and then
she told me she wanted me to pick up some groceries for
her too and then just drop everything off at the courtesy
counter up front. I had to talk to the manager and he had
to go get things for her. And then she apparently parked
in parcel pickup and walked in through the employees
entrance demanding her food. Scary.

I want internet back. I'm so tempted to get roadrunner
cable. :)