April 30th, 2001

S&G 1

(no subject)

Today during the lunch rush I was helping a lady, and
when I gave her her food, she said "You're SO pretty!" It
made my day. It's hard to be pretty when you have to
wear a stupid uniform and a hairnet and you don't feel
like wearing much makeup and you smell like grease.

On another note... I'm going to go to California and then
Oregon! I set a tentative date for the nineteenth or
twentieth of May to fly to SFO, and then I'd get to
Portland on the 27th or something, and then I'd fly out of
Seattle on like the 8th or something. I can get my longer
flights (MSP to SFO and SEA to MSP) for about $211,
and then I just have to figure out whether to fly from SFO
to PDX or take the (gasp!) Greyhound. Hmm... an hour
and eighteen minutes on a nice plane where one is
served ginger ale and some sort of salty snack, or ten
hours on a smelly bus with weirdos sitting too close to
one, and frequent stops to buy greasy so-called food at
convenience stores? Let's think for a moment.