May 19th, 2001

S&G 1

Please keep your hands and arms inside the airplane at all times...

I am leaving in a few hours. I wasn't really nervous
except for last night, for some reason. I packed really
badly, so I have to see if I can consolidate stuff
together so I only have three bags instead of four. That
would be nice.

I bought two pairs of Mudd jeans last night, and it
reminded me of Nicoal. :) Now my posterior doesn't look
like a balloon, like it did in my 501s. And these fit
lengthwise pretty OK too. They're still a bit too short,
but I guess I can't have everything.

My cold has now officially moved down into my lungs.
So I get a stuffy nose AND a cough. And I get to
cough up phlegm, which I'm sure will delight and amaze
the people sitting next to me on the plane. Yay!
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