May 23rd, 2001

S&G 1

Amazing Event of the Day:

Today, I was out on the deck, and I was bored so I
started watching the ants on the hummingbird feeder.
The deck is on the second floor, so the feeder is attached
to a rigging thingy that looks kind of like an upside-down
L. Ants had found their way from the ground up the pole,
across, and down to the little spout thingies that the
hummingbirds get the sugar water. So I was leaning over
the railing looking at the ants, when I heard a funny little
buzzing vibrating sort of sound and a hummingbird
whizzed down and started eating out of the feeder. He
was less than a foot away from me. I stayed perfectly
still, and he didn't even see me. He had the most
gorgeous head - it was a metallic bright pink color. And
his little feet were so teensy and cute! Anyway, he flew
away, and I ran in to tell my grandma. When I came back
out, Grandpa and I were standing in the same spot and I
was flicking the ants off the feeder with a leaf while he
talked to me, and the stupid bird came back again. He
flew off because I waved my arm at the same time he tried
to land, and he perched in the lemon tree for about five
minutes. So I kneeled down on the deck with my camera
and waited for him to come down, and he did but he ate
out of the opposite side of the feeder so I didn't get a
picture of him. It was the coolest thing, though, to be so
close to a hummingbird like that.

So ends the telling of the amazing event of the day.
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