August 12th, 2001

S&G 1

I completely forgot how much I like Oregon...

I've been getting up pretty late in the morning lately, because I talk to Josh until late at night so my roommates don't get annoyed that I'm on the phone all the time. Last night, I was almost falling asleep while talking to him, so we said goodnight and I put the phone on the floor near the foot of my bed. And then at some ungodly hour, I woke up thinking I was still on the phone with him, but I couldn't find the phone. I sat up and looked through the blanket and under the pillows, hoping Josh hadn't hung up already, and then I realized that we had ended our conversation already. So I went back to sleep.

Anyway, then I woke up this morning and tried to find a clock. I slept in Lucy's room because she never stays the night here. Anyway, I found a little battery-operated clock, which said 10:30, and I jumped up to take a shower because Lucy said she'd be home sometime around then to move some stuff around in her room so I could put my bed in there too. So I came downstairs and grabbed a few fig newtons and glanced at the wall clock, and realized it was 8:30.

Anyway, I hadn't been up this early since I've been back, and it's pretty nice. Clouds roll in sometime in the very early morning, and make it cold outside, and then they burn off in the late morning. If this was Minnesota, it'd already be over 80 degrees - probably had been all night. It'll probably only reach 90 here today... yay!
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S&G 1

(Josh showed me this one last month:)

Three men went to a hotel one night.
The man at the front desk charged them thirty dollars for the room, and each man gave $10.
Later on, the front desk guy realized he had overcharged the men by $5, so he sent the bellhop to the men's room with five $1 bills. On the way, the bellhop was trying to figure out how to distribute the $5, and he decided to give each man $1 and keep the last $2 as a tip. So he did so.
So after all was said and done, each man actually paid $9 for the room. $9 + $9 + $9 = $27. Add two for the bellhop's tip and you get $29.
Where's the other dollar?