August 13th, 2001

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Today I went downtown to turn my resumé in to Qwest. I'm going to try for a Sales Consultant position. I'm supposed to have six months of experience, but I figured I'd give them my resumé anyway, just in case they like me even though I don't have any experience. So I got on the Number Seventeen bus, and it whisked me over the Ross Island Bridge and into downtown. Then I realized I'd been in Minneapolis so long that I'd forgotten which streets go where. So I tried to watch for Oak, but I didn't see it and ended up going to the end of the line, which was OK because I got to ride around and see Portland, which I hadn't been able to do so far. I was the only one on the bus by the end of the line, and I just doodled around in my notebook while we sat at Sauvie Island for about ten minutes and then drove back through Portland. On the way back, she stopped at Oak, so I got off and turned in my resumé and talked to the nice front-desk man, and got back on the bus and went home.

I get to see my sister today! I'm excited. I forgot to ask her if she'd bring me a black pony bead to replace the one that fell off my purse... oh well. Hopefully we'll be able to do stuff during the week... I'll be able to say hello to Grandma as well, because Dad and I are going to pick Haley up from there.