August 15th, 2001

S&G 1

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I'm not used to it being cold when I wake up in the morning... in Minnesota, every time I went outside it was overwhelming - hot and THICK air. Yuck. But here, everything's fresh and nice.

Yesterday I went shopping with Haley up 23rd. We both found things we wanted really bad but couldn't afford. Sadness. I should be getting my last paycheck from Byerlys... I wonder if they sent it to my apartment in Maple Grove. I hope not. That'd suck.

I gave Lucy my resumé this morning to take to work... I hope they call me! That'd be nice. Maybe I should get off the internet then. Shame on me. I also have to call Qwest to see if they want to grant little ole me an interview. Probably not, but at least I tried.