August 26th, 2001

S&G 1

Copying this on 11/3/02 from a spiral notebook I found in a drawer...

I'm going through computer (and LiveJournal) withdrawls. So I'm going to write in a notebook (on paper! With a pen! Gasp!) until Josh and Matt get here with my computer cords. And until I have enough $ to get a phone line. It'll probably be awhile.

So I'm (pretty much) all moved in to my place. I think it's awesome that I told Rachel and Sally that I wanted a studio in NW Portland and they told me it was impossible but it happened anyway. Right on. It's a nice little place, right between 21st and 22nd on Everett, on the 1st floor, and I have a big window facing the street. People are always around, walking or driving up and down the street. I can sleep through anything, so it doesn't bother me that sometimes it's kinda loud. There are lots of people my age around too, which is cool.

As for work, I get to go to the KOIN tower every weekday! It's kinda cool. I work for AIG Insurance in the mailroom. It's not all that glamorous, but it's moreso than Byerly's AND I get $9 an hour. So that's good.

Speaking of $, it's pretty tight right now... once the paychecks start coming in (Friday the 1st, I think) I'll be OK I THINK... Byerly's owes me $ and I haven't seen it yet... my first paycheck should be a little less than the amt. that I need for rent, so I may have to call and ask if it's OK to give them my rent $ the week after. Today I realized that I have a whopping $3.11 in my account, so I freaked out and an to Powell's to sell some books. I got $35 for them, but I gave $5 to the homeless guy selling newspapers... they were $1 each but the smallest bill I had was a $5. So if I don't walk into fareless square to take the bus to work (I need a bike!), I have $18 for food for the week. I went to Freddy's (Yay! I missed Freddy's when I was in MN!) and spent $17.51. It's surprising how little food comes from $17.51. Oh well. So I'm a bit worried about the money situation but since I get paid every Friday, I should be OK. Hopefully.

It's quiet here despite the fact that people are all over the place... I mean it's weird being totally alone all day and all night. I know my cell phone is going to be through the roof. And I owe Wendy $70 for utilities for last minth. And I owe the state of MN $100 for the speeding ticket I got when I was driving home. And I have to pay Mom back for paying my 1st month's rent and deposit, and Dad for the rental car and gas when he picked Nicoal and I up in Bozeman. Kinda scary. On the bright side, Matt and Josh will be here in about 7 days! That's exciting. Except I won't have any $ to pay for anything. Hope they don't care. I'm trying to keep myself from calling Josh and talking to him for forever but it's difficult. It's SO expensive right now. So instead I'm trying to listen to my walkman instead of using the cell. Grr.

How come nobody ever wants to come see me? So far since I've been here, I've only seen Brooke and Erin (well, besides, Rach). Everyone thinks it's too much work to drive their lazy little butts over the river. Whatever.