August 29th, 2001

S&G 1

Copied on 11/3/02 from a notebook I found in a drawer...

Last night I had a most excellent dream. Mom and Haley and Dad and I were in Mom's house. Dad was in the "basement," which was really above ground. And the house wasn't really Mom's, but it was in my dream. Anyway, I was there on vacation from Minneapolis (the dream house was in Portland) and there was a tornado. It wasn't like blow-in-the-windows like real life, it was more like The Wizard of Oz-like. Anyway, I looked out the windows and saw that the rain was falling sideways (counter-clockwise around the house, if that has anything to do with it) and then the house started moving. It moved a lot, and broke a little... Haley was under a wall as it dragged towards us and then back where it belonged, and she got bloody but said she was OK. We were all pretty scared and stuff, but it wasn't like scared to death like I've been in some dreams. Anyway, it finally stopped and we realized we were in Vancouver. We had somehow crossed the Columbia. I looked out the huge front window and couldn't figure out where we were, but there were trees outside with colorful leaves. I remember being kind of excited to see all the damage, and I also remember being glad that most of my stuff was back in Minnesota. I also thought it was wierd that I was in MN and didn't see any tornados but I came to Oregon and there was one. I tried to fix my cell phone, which had been damaged in the moving house, so I could call Josh and tell him what had happened. Mom drove the house a little further across the river (there were windshield wipers on the big front window) and when we stopped these people came up and asked if we were OK and then asked if they could use our house for a temporary sanctuary for their church, and we said no. Then I woke up and it was 8:33 am. So I was late for work. But that's OK because I didn't take a lunch. Then I came home and made myself a sandwich.