August 30th, 2001

S&G 1


I didn't get my computer access code until this afternoon, so I get to be on my own computer tomorrow! Yay! But I'm using Bill's computer because I had to learn how to index today.

So, I'm about $93 overdrawn. That rather sucks. I called Byerly's to see where the hell my final paycheck is, and the lady I was supposed to talk to was out today. So I have to call her tomorrow. GRR. Hopefully that'll come soon because I have a lot to pay for:

Rent - $108
Speeding Ticket - $100
Phone Bill - roughly $160
Last month's utilities - $70

And a bit less expensive:
Mom(for rent and deposit) - $610
Dad (for rental car and gas) - somewhere around $300

ACK! I'm a little freaked out about it, but I'll live. I'm surprisingly not as upset as I thought I'd be.

It's lunchtime... on to the City of Portland Department of Transportation to get a parking permit for Josh and Matt? Hmm, I'm kinda lazy... maybe not.