September 26th, 2001

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I am cold today. Correction: I am cold this evening. This morning/afternoon I was hot. I wore a sweater to work for the first time (well, a sweater without anything under it, I mean) and I was really hot. And I took the bus partway home because I didn't want to walk home and die from heatstroke. Then I came home and stripped down to my underwear (thank goodness for living alone!) and it felt SO GOOD to not be hot anymore. But then I got cold, and I haven't stopped being cold yet. I wonder how come I'm so hot at work. Probably because I walk there and I'm hot when I get there and then I'm on the go all day. I don't know.

I need to crochet some more. But for some reaon I don't really want to right now. I don't know why. Probably because there's water boiling on the stove for noodles. I ate the last of my bread today and my cheese is all moldy, but I don't care - I just cut the mold off of the cheese and tore the moldy corners of the bread off and made myself a really yummy grilled cheese sandwich, but I'm still hungry.

I wonder if George'll get online tonight. We've talked quite a bit the last few nights. It's nice, because it's not work-related like it always is at work. I like talking to him. It's fun. He flirts with me a lot. Haha

I think I'm going to name my rabbit Vladimir. Any objections from the jury? My mom thinks I should give him a last name that is totally unrelated. Her suggestion was "Vladimir Potato." :) I think if I'm invited to any Halloween parties, I'm going to be Alice in Wonderland and I'm going to make little cakes that say "eat me" and carry Vladimir around. Did the white rabbit have a name in the book, or was he just White Rabbit? I think he was just White Rabbit.
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