September 29th, 2001

S&G 1

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Last night we went to the karaoke bar. I would like it so much more if the people who I go with were a little more inclusive of me. I got all quiet and withdrawn because nobody would really talk to me. It was kinda annoying. And then on the way home I had to walk behind the three of them because the sidewalk was only wide enough for three abreast. And I tried to be assertive and walk with them when we turned the corner, but they kinda shut me out and made me walk on the grass so I moved back again.

Then this morning, I called Daya because we're supposed to do something today. But she's not home. We planned for it two days ago. Nice of her.

So I was sitting here in my pajamas, eating raw ramen noodles with peanut butter, listening to Cat Stevens, when Cory called and said he and his dog and I were going to go to the beach! So I'm excited now! Yay!!!