October 16th, 2001

S&G 1

I'm the worlds only female bachelor!

Here's why:

1. I live in a sty.
I have boxes still piled on my floor from when I moved in at the end of August.
I've only vacuumed once since I've lived here.
I just reused a pan that had been sitting on the stove from the time I made egg sandwiches... without washing it.
I can't see my chair under all the clothes that are piled on it.

2. I don't like cooking very much.
I like making noodles because they're easy and fast.
I like stuff in cans.
I eat stuff right out of the cans.

3. I eat like a... well, a bachelor.
I just caught myself eating said noodles in huge mouthfuls without chewing much.

4. I am still wearing my pjs.
Well, I'm just wearing the shirt. I felt guilty so I put on jeans that I found on my chair.

5. I haven't taken a shower yet.
Eww. Gross.

6. I haven't opened my curtains more than once in almost two weeks.

This is depressing. I'm gonna shut up now.