October 29th, 2001

S&G 1

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My belly is full of Taco Bell food. My rabbit is running hither and thither because he was cooped up in his cage for the weekend, and I feel sorry for him partly because I'm reading Watership Down and now I feel like I know what he's thinking. My window is covered in black felt except for eye- and mouth-shaped pieces, which makes a rather frightening face at those passers-by on the street who look up at it at night, and at me when the light is shining in during the day. My tongue wants marionberry pie with ice cream, but my stomach does not. My bed is in need of a mattress pad. My room is a pigsty, and Vladimir didn't help it much - he left droppings scattered around the litterbox (what good is the litterbox if he won't go in it anymore?) My feet are, incredibly, still warm. My cat's breath smells like cat food. My chair is heaped with clothes that need to be folded/hung and put away. My shoes and coat and hat are still wet from the rain on the walk home from the MAX station. My LJ hasn't been updated in way too long. My back itches - why? My Breyer horses are crowded on my mantel and I'm trying to decide whether to sell them or to keep them. My space heater needs to turn itself on because I don't want to go all the way across my vast studio apartment and turn it on. My jewelry box needs a new home - it's in my way now. My cell phone is all charged. My my, I can't think of anything else...