November 20th, 2001

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Tomorrow is (kinda) Friday!

I like living in a studio. I also hate it. I'm trying to rearrange the stuff in here for probably the millionth time since I moved in, so as to utilize the optimum amount of space. (It's a very small studio.)

I had hoped that nobody had the idea of doing laundry downstairs tonight, but I was wrong. I took someone's clothes out of the washer, and someone else was using the dryer... and then I went down to see if the dryer was done and it was but the guy who owned the clothes I took out of the washer was right behind me coming down the stairs so I let him go first. Now it's half past nine and I have to wait for another half an hour or forty-five minutes before I can go to sleep. I guess that's OK, since (hopefully, but not likely) we'll be going to bed early tomorrow night so we can get up early on Thanksgiving (i.e. 4am) and drive to Redmond to have dinner with my family. Then we're going to Washington (sorry Brad!).

Don't let me forget the classical guitar CD for Mom.