January 7th, 2002

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It's Monday... but it's OK.

Gordon Smith came to Columbia today. I remembered him from the webconference some of my classmates and I had with him in high school. I'm sure he did'nt remember me.

I like Seattle. I like the fish guys that perform for the tourists at the market. I like the a'capella group who sings in front of the original Starbucks. I like thumbing my nose at the EMP, which stands for the Ugliest Building Known to Man.

Someone needs to come and help me eat all this ground beef Cory and I didn't cook this weekend.
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He's still with me...

Today I put on some shoes that I haven't worn in awhile. This afternoon at about four, I got tired of stepping on my sock, which had apparently bunched up under my foot (these stupid socks do that all the time), and took off my shoe to fix it. But the culprit wasn't my sock, it was a rabbit turd. Ow.