January 28th, 2002

S&G 1


Tonight it's supposed to get down to 25 degrees.

MAX was delayed at the Sunset Transit Center (where I get on) and again at Washington Park (in the middle of a huge tunnel through the west hills) because some people were apparently dodging trains in the tunnel somewhere and the police had to go get them out.

I had a good (albeit short) talk with Donnita today after I got back from driving to the Post Office (which, by the way, really made me miss driving. I wish that Cory had an automatic - I'd be driving almost everywhere if he did!) about my future at Columbia. First of all, there was a mix-up about invoices that were mailed out instead of given to some lady in Marketing, and she made a big fuss about it to Nan, who is pretty much the one at fault, but apparently she made it sound like it was MY fault, and the lady was all mad at me (I knew nothing about it, of course) for awhile... Donnita (but not I) thinks it was a setup because I have all these "special" jobs to do and I have lots of potential and Nan is "stuck" in the mailroom. Whatever.

Anyway, Donnita and I had a talk about how I need to be watching for jobs so that after I've been here for six months I can move up in the company. She thinks that I could take over for Lisa (my supervisor) if she ends up moving to Hawaii. I've obviously never had people under me, and I told her so, but she said she thought Lisa hadn't either when she first got the title she has. That would be pretty nice, I think... although I'm one of the youngest people in the company (a receptionist is only 18, I think... but I'm the youngest person to be able to drive the company Suburban by at least three years), which might pose a problem if I end up being over people older than me, especially in Nan's case, which I just thought about. I don't want to boss Nan around! Ugh. In general, if I end up getting that position, I'll have a lot of growing to do between now and then. I am not very assertive, and I know I'll have to get better about facing people who aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing... I'd be in charge of about seven people, I think... but I'm getting ahead of myself. Lisa may not go to Hawaii, and I may end up somewhere else. But it's nice to think about.

By the way, if any of you know Cory, go to his journal and comment on how great a guy he is. He lives almost a hundred miles from me, and he comes up to see me at least twice a week, if not more. An hour and a half each way. And then he cooks me dinner. He's the breast. I lick him. :)