February 5th, 2002

S&G 1

(no subject)

Last week, Cory came to my work to get my keys. I took him around to meet the graphics department and various other people. We went to the mailroom, where Nan was sorting mail. I said "Nan, this is Cory. Cory, this is Nan." She didn't turn around or say a word or even look up. She totally ignored us. I was really upset. I found out later from Donnita that while she was on a mail run, someone said that they were getting someone else's mail. So she assumed (since she can't do anything wrong) that I was putting mail in the wrong boxes, and she was pissed about it. But she never said a word to me about it, or to anyone else except Donnita, who finally just said "what's your problem, Nan?" Donnita said she told her "I'm so tired of being blamed for everything!"

Then today, I had to do the mail run. I had barely been in the mailroom all day, and when I was there I didn't touch any mail. I handed a pile of mail to the International department and went on to the next department, but was stopped by someone in International who handed me back a postcard and said "this person doesn't work in International..." SO!!! She DOESN'T do everything right! (I already knew that, but this is PROOF!)

Dad offered to do my taxes again this year. That was really nice. I haven't seen him since Cory met him a month or two ago. I miss him. I want to play cribbage with him.