March 11th, 2002

S&G 1

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I finally got a new keyboard. It's got stupid extra buttons though so at one touch I can check my email, use a search engine, or even go to my favorite web site! How exciting. Or something.

In other news, my ceiling still leaks and there are still roaches. And my landlord doesn't seem to want to do anything about it. So I'm very tempted to call the housing authority and complain. I'll try once more to get him to come out and fix things, but if he doesn't, beware the wrath of a wet, buggy Meg.

I love getting large portions of take-out Chinese food and then eat them for three meals straight. This is the last meal. Sadness. It's even good for breakfast!

I want to do something tonight, but I don't think I can. I have to do laundry and I have no friends. :)