April 9th, 2002

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So, last night I looked everywhere for my W2s and couldn't find them. I have no idea what happened to them. But Nicoal says that I don't need them if I do my taxes online, so that is what I will do tonight, so I can start working on my story again, even though it's daunting.

I finished "Left Behind" on the bus this morning. It had a pretty good climax. I'm not sure how much I like the writing style, but it held my attention.

Yes, I took the movies back this morning.
S&G 1


As I was walking home from the bus, I passed the divey Chinese restaurant I recently wrote a short story about. I often look in the windows at the ornately-folded napkins on the tables and the "USA" t-shirt hanging in the window with a sign saying proceeds from the shirts' sale go to a 9/11 fund. This evening, I looked at the door and saw a sign that said

It can go with seafood,
chicken, pork, or
vegetable dish.


When Cory and I were driving back up from the redwoods, I think, I remember noticing that I had an unusually long, almost invisible hair on my neck. It was something like two inches long, and I played with it and joked about it to Cory. I then promptly forgot all about it. Well, it's back. I found it today and grossed one of my coworkers out by pulling on it.


I was talking to Mom about my 401(k) and she was asking tons of technical questions I couldn't answer, so I got out a booklet Columbia gave me and opened it, and THERE WERE MY W2S!!! Mom sure got a kick out of that. I'm still doing the taxes online, though. It's easier and cheaper.


The end.