April 13th, 2002

S&G 1

Tappity tappity tap-tap-tap!

Yay for RIVERDANCE! Yay for Cory liking it! Yay for effortless dancing and pretty costumes and new music and dancing that I don't have on my CD or my VHS tape!

It was really warm last night, which was nice since I was wearing a short dress and sandals. (I'm so tired of bundling up!) We parked partway there and walked the rest of the way. Cory bought me a souvenir programme. We had really good seats in the balcony, and we spent the half hour before curtain looking down at the people on orchestra level with our binoculars.

I knew I'd want to start lessons once I saw it. The only thing I know I'm going to be frustrated about is that it won't be as easy as it looked on stage. :) I even liked the flamenco. Maybe it was because the dancer smiled a lot. The one on my video didn't.

Tomorrow, Joel is supposed to come. I wonder if he will. It'll be nice to meet him.

The best part of the night was a secret. :)