April 15th, 2002

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What a nice weekend, if you take out the fact that I didn't get enough sleep.

Even cleaning Cory's apartment on Saturday was nice. Nate left us to go play with Saren, but that's OK. Cory found his social security card, as well as a few other important papers.

We thought and his roommate were going to get to Corvallis late Saturday evening, so Cory waited up for them. He fell asleep on the couch sometime around 1am, which I know because I woke up to his snoring really loud. He came to bed at about 3am. Then, at 7, I woke up and asked him if he wanted me to get up and wait for them, and right after I asked, they called to say they were almost there.

We had a diner-licious breakfast at Darrell's, and puttered around in Newport, having coffee and looking at all the jellyfish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium and - gasp! - smoking INSIDE A BAR at Rogue Brewery! (Sarah, Joel's roommate, is used to CA smoking laws.) (No, I didn't smoke.) Then there was much sleeping of visitors in the back of the Tercel on the way home.

We rented a few movies last night, but Cory and I went to bed after watching most of only one. It was "Princess and the Warrior," which I enjoyed except for the part where Boto cuts a hole in Sissi's esophagus and sticks a drinking straw in so she can breathe. I kinda had to hide from that part.

This morning I could barely keep my eyes open as Cory drove me to work. I felt bad because I knew he was just as tired as me. Ever since I went to Washington, DC on choir tour my Sophomore year in high school, being in a moving vehicle has made me sleepy. Don't ask me why. Before that, I couldn't sleep in the car if I tried.

So here I am, twenty minutes away from my self-imposed bedtime, wondering if Cory will call tonight or if he'll be too busy with Joel and Sarah.

By the way, the aforementioned Joel and Sarah are pretty fun people to hang out with.
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Forgot to mention...

...that I'm going to be killed on Monday when Nan gets back and realizes that I moved the mailboxes around.

But in my own defense, what I did was a good idea. It's just change, and Nan doesn't like change unless it was her idea and she carries it out. The mailboxes are just adjustable shelves, and I moved them all down so the short people who work in the mailroom can reach the top ones better. That means that even though the boxes are in the same order, they are in different places than before since they had to spread out to make up for not having as much room in each column. We had to have a brainstorm about how to break the news to Nan. Is that not the most pathetic thing you've ever heard? Me, too.