April 24th, 2002

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I dislike the fact that Hotmail is being stupid. I want to be able to see my email when I want to see it. Yahoo mail sucks too, but I'm so tempted to just transfer everything over onto it. My cassingham.com email works but it goes into hotmail. Argh.
S&G 1

Sunshine on my shoulder really DOES make me happy.

Today is beautiful. Just barely warm enough to go without a jacket, especially in the sunshine. It makes me happy. I have to work half an hour of overtime, which is a lot for a girl who's never gotten overtime at all and who doesn't really want to be inside. Luckily, I'm in shipping so I can sit outside on the dock.

I'm in a weird mood. Five minutes ago, I threw bubble wrap around myself and chatted with the boys. Two minutes ago, I tied a ribbon in my hair.