April 30th, 2002

S&G 1

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Cory left his guitar up here, and I'm teaching myself how to play it. So when he gets back to work from doing laundry, I'll play for him and it'll suck, but he'll love me.

Donnita told me that yesterday she was talking to Lisa about how bad Nan treats me (I didn't know anything about it until today) and the girls in the cubes near the mailroom went to Nan the next morning (today) and told her that Donnita said she was going to try to "take over the mailroom" or try to take her job or something. So Nan was really mad, and after Donnita tried to get it out of her for a long time she finally said something. Our office is full of barbed tongues. You can't be too careful about who you talk to. I'm so glad I can come home to people like Cory... when he's in Portland, that is.

My sister Haley posted! Go comment in her journal so maybe she'll start writing more!