May 2nd, 2002

S&G 1

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I was disheartened today after my conversation with Donnita right before I went home. The three of us (Donnita, Nan, and I) got an email from Lisa telling us she wanted us to get trained in on the binding machine (to make CAD books, I'm assuming). Then we'll get a color printer/copier thingy, and I'll have to spend the rest of my career at Columbia in the mailroom, pretending I work in a glorified Kinko's. I'm pretty disappointed with that. I know that it won't be all the time; I'll just be in there to do small projects; but I really REALLY don't want to be shut up in the mailroom with Nan. Or shut up in the mailroom at all. I hope Pat talks to her boss about opening up a new designer position so I can be in SMU instead. (But I still have to wait until 6 months have passed before I can move on.) Grr.

I miss Cory. I'm hungry but don't have much food in the house and am too lazy to go to the store to get more. And I want to save my money. Maybe I'll have couscous again... yummmmmm.