May 21st, 2002

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Eek! Fairy Num-Nums!

I'm back at work. Going kinda slowly today for no apparent reason. Maybe it's because I was in the fast lane all last week. I need to use vacation time to catch up on my sleep, not lose it. Oh well.

Lots of journaling on the list of things to do tonight, as well as classified-ad-looking and calling of doctors and friends and boyfriend, who did so well at Bay to Breakers but still walks like an old man... all stiff... poor thing.

Now I shall pee, and do some more labelling of these envelopes, and eat lunch, and stuff said envelopes so they can go out tomorrow or so. We'll see how far I get. I have 150 envelopes to stuff with press releases and several catalogs each. It's nice to keep busy, though.

I wish I had my very own DESK. Sigh.

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Alert: someone or something has bitten my right ring finger, making it difficult to wear my Celtic amethyst ring due to itching/stinging and a red bump. If you encounter the biter, please inform him/her that I don't appreciate being bitten there, or anywhere for that matter. Thanks.

Call me cowboy...

Guess this is as good a time as any to start writing about my week. Here goes. (I apologize in advance for how long this is, but deal with it. I have no sympathy. :)

Took my HUGE Columbia rolly-bag-thing to work on the bus. Hard work - the thing was HEAVY. Argh. It was worse coming home, though. I was hot and there were too many people on MAX, as usual. That's why I take the #20 bus home instead. (That, and I don't have to walk as far to get home.) I finished my book on the Amtrak shuttle ride down to Corvallis, in which the heroine and her boyfriend break up, and it reminded me of exactly how I knew Cory would break up with me if he ever had to, and it made me really sad. Like, really. I don't know why. These books I've been reading lately have all made me sad about something. Maybe that's the way they're supposed to be. Maybe it's hormones. :) Anyway, I made sure everything was packed that night for a clean getaway in the morning.

Got up early and drove to Redmond over Hwy. 20. It was really pretty, and up at the summit of the Cascade range there was snow all around. Looked like January. I gave Mom her pot, which she loved. She showed me her garden before anything else, like she always does when I go visit her. She's so funny. Dennis made Cory learn the names of all the mountains, and I was surprised to see Cory actually have fun with it, sitting outside with the topographic map and squinting at the skyline. We went to a teeny tiny café furnished with garage-sale-esque mismatched chairs and tables and knick-knacks, all for sale; and run by a single grandmotherly-type lady. We had turkey sandwiches, and I made Cory try some of my buttermilk. He hated it. :) When she boxed up our dessert for us, she asked "are you guys from around here?" We told her where we were from, and she said "OHHHHHH!! I was hoping to see your nice faces in here again!!!" She was real disappointed. We laughed all the way to the car - well, until we started eating the dessert halfway there... she was a good cook.
That evening we watched Lawrence Welk and I discovered (I should have already known) that they lip-synched! Horror of horrors! I had to sleep with earplugs in because Haley's goldfish's filter made too much bubbly noise.

Woke up at 3:30am and left at 4 for the Prineville Airport. Got there much too early and had to wait for my uncle Quintin and cousin Molly to show up. C-O-L-D. Cory went up in the powered parachute first, and then I did. When we landed, we almost ran off the runway because one of the tires was flat. Whee! Then we had breakfast in Prineville and went home to play for a few more hours, and went back to Corvallis. When we got home, we were reminded that Remmy'd been scooting all weekend pretty badly, and since we knew we weren't going to be in town after that night we went to the emergency room at 11pm to have her expressed. She had diarrhea, too, because she probably ate some of the cat food. I was in bed with her and she started shaking and it scared me, so I went to tell Cory, who was out on the porch, and she ran downstairs to the grassy patch. Poor thing. The dr. told us to take her back once we got back from CA. I hope Cory has time to do it sometime in the next few days. Ended up being awake for about 21 hours straight. Ugh.

Got to the Corvallis airport bright and early, expecting to get the car right away. No such luck. We sat on a couch and watched pilots come in and out for an hour. I almost fell asleep. Because we had to wait, we got a free upgrade - to a full-size - and a discount. Lots'o'legroom! We left at about 11am, I think, and headed for Newport. I drove. :)
We took 101 down the coast and stopped in a few places. Remmy still had an upset stomach, and barfed on the back seat. Luckily we had a big thick blanket on the seat to protect it from her. We hit Eureka at dusk and hit the Avenue of the Giants when it was dark. We saw a raccoon, and some deer, and a possum ran right in front of us. Cory had to slam on the brakes, there was a huge thump on the back of my seat, and I looked behind me to see Remmy staring at me from the floor with the funniest expression on her face. She had been asleep until Cory threw her into her water dish. I laughed so hard... We decided to take Hwy. 1 down so we could see the ocean, but we quickly realized that it wasn't a good idea after all. It was dark, I was asleep and Cory was driving, it was very windy (as in curvy, not breezy), and there were lots of deer. After an hour, we'd only gone 30 miles. So Cory started cutting back across to 101, and stopped at 3am to sleep. The car we got (a 2002 Ford Taurus) idled really rough, and we left it on while we were sleeping so we would stay warm, and the shaking made me have a dream that we were suddenly going very fast down the road and Cory was still asleep in the driver's seat and I yelled at him to wake up and waved my arms around in a panic. I tried and tried to wake myself up but I was frozen... you know how your body shuts itself down when you sleep so you don't hurt yourself? And I had to pee.

So I got up - it was about 4:30am - and drove back to 101 while Cory slept. I stopped us somewhere in a nice residential area in the morning and we let Remmy out to play parkball. We got stuck in the morning rush hour traffic in Petaluma or somewhere like that. (Glad I don't live in the bay area!!!) Had a nice excursion to Muir Beach, where Cory climbed a big rock and we threw sticks into the ocean to make Remmy run into big waves. I stubbed my toe on a tidepool. We got to Joel's house and took showers and played around a bit. Then we drove over to Grandma and Grandpa Cassingham's for dinner. We were a little early so we walked on the paths behind houses and smelled jasmine and looked at little green figs and were hot. Dinner was good, conversation was good (Grandpa, who's hard of hearing, kept calling Cory Cody), music was good. I sang a few songs for Cory. I think that night he got upset that we had to be in certain places at certain times and he didn't want to be. It kinda tempered the reaction I was hoping for my singing. He'd never heard me do opera before. Or much of anything vocally. I feel bad about that. We played the Worst Case Scenario Survival game or whatever with Joel and Sarah as one team, Cory and I as another, and Jared by himself as the winning team. Jerk.

We hung out with Joel and Sarah during the day... went to REI to find Cory some Tevas and went to Old Navy to satisfy my shopping lust. I got a tank top and Cory got some shorts. Joel and Cory and I went to Grandma and Grandpa Granholm's apartment and had a really interesting (and delicious) Moroccan-looking dish. They had lots of foreign exchange students over the years, and Liben (from Ethiopia, now living in San Jose) and his girlfriend Sête showed up for some strawberry pie. Joel drives fast. He has a SUSPENDED LICENSE. I didn't know that until AFTER I let him drive me too fast across the world. :) This night I was upset about Cory smoking so much because he was around Joel and Sarah, who smoke more than he does, and every time he saw one of them with a cigarette, he had to go smoke one too. I always made it a point to stay inside while they went outside to the patio to smoke, but nobody seemed to notice. We went to two different bars when we got back from the Granholms' and nobody got drunk. It was fun anyway.

Our first day to be able to have Cory/Meg time! We'd been sleeping on the floor in the living room and hanging out with people every second of every day, so we hadn't had much time to have fun together. We drove into San Francisco with Remmy in the morning. Parking in Chinatown was nonexistant, so we just drove through on the way to Fisherman's Wharf. There was a fruit stand there and I wanted cherries. I had fish and chips for lunch and Cory had a burger. I ate some of his onion rings. Then we drove to Golden Gate Park and played with Remmy in the grass after we realized that we couldn't go to any of the museums there because it was too late in the day. We were going to go to Napa in the morning but Cory didn't think I sounded too excited for that, so he kinda got mad and in the end he decided not to take me to wine country. I can't remember what we did Thursday night. Oh well.

Brenda's house in Vallejo! It was so neat inside - all sorts of neat crafts all over and neat paintings. The dog kept jumping up and down on me though. :) Brenda crocheted Cory an afghan for Christmas. It made me sorry that I hadn't made him one yet. I'll have to start one sometime. One can never have too many afghans! We all had good conversation and I saw oranges on a tree for the first time. Thanks, Brenda, for having us over! It was great! Cory showed me a few places in Vallejo where he grew up but neither of us liked it much because of the bad memories of temporary-stepfather-people and stuff. And Vallejo is kinda sad, really, overall. Hehe. We stopped for ice cream in Benicio. And then we drove around Walnut Creek for a long time, trying to figure out where the heck Joel worked and wandering through the downtown area. I met Cory's mom and stepdad... Yvonne was totally different than what I expected, though I have no idea what I did expect. It was kinda weird. I don't know why. She didn't even look like the pictures I remember seeing from a few years ago. We ate at Sweet Tomatoes, a buffet restaurant, and I gave Yvonne the cross-stitch I made for her. She was really surprised. It was nice. I need to email her and tell her I was happy to meet her finally. Then, because of a stupid landlord rule, we had to give Remmy to Julie for a day or so. I'm glad we had someone so good with Remmy babysit.

Great America day! We got there extra early which meant a great parking space. We rode the Vortex after waiting in line for maybe five minutes and that was just because they had to safety-check first. We were in the very front. It was nice. We should have gone twice, the line was so short. Oh well. We watched an employee swing on the Xtreme Skyflier a few times to test it out. Most of the park was closed for half an hour after we got in so we got to sit and watch people for awhile. It filled up really quick, and we waited for almost 2 hours for the Stealth, which was pretty much our last ride. Except for the circly one. That was a disaster. I shut the lid on our car on Cory's head, there wasn't enough room in there for both of us, the car shook a lot, and Cory gets nauseous on that kind of ride but I made him try it anyway. :( I got a sunburn too! On Saturday night, we watched Joel playthis really neat computer game for a few hours. I wonder if it works on Cory's computer at work.

Bay to Breakers day! We left Cory on the bay side and drove over to the breakers side, where we couldn't find any parking so we spent an hour and a half driving around looking for parking, stopping on the bay side again for donuts, and then parking freaking thirteen blocks away from the place we were supposed to meet Cory so I could walk down to get him and have him walk back with me. I wanted to pick him up, have Joel drive around for a few minutes until I caught up with Cory, so he didn't have to walk after having run the 12k in the pouring rain. It didn't work out. We were both drowned rats in the car. I had to help Cory get undressed, he was so cold and wet and sore. I packed the bags and loaded the car while he took his shower and was reunited with Remmy (thanks again, Julie!) and after a few goodbyes, we were on the road again. We stopped in Sacramento and I drove so he could take a nap. We stopped in Weed for some beef jerky. I saw a coyote run across the road. We stopped in Ashland for gas, we saw a double rainbow and a gorgeous sunset, I got freaked out passing semis in the pouring rain in the dark, and we got home at about 10:30 at night and went to sleep after finding out Cory has a new surprise roommate. Hmm.

The guys at Freddy's photo developing place told us we should send in one of the pictures I took of Cory somewhere. They liked it. Wait 'till I scan it in. We turned in the car in the morning. We went to McMenamin's for lunch and rearranged our photo album and wrote in info on the back of each one, all the way back to the first roll we took. We did laundry. We drove up to Portland and talked about living together the whole way up. I'm excited to live with Cory. Partly because I know that we'll get engaged someday and that someday may not be in a long time. We fell asleep right after I realized we'd have to go our separate ways a few hours later. It was sad.

Phew. This thing took me like three hours to write. Granted, I was doing other stuff too, but still... goodness. Pictures will probably be up next week. Cory has to scan them and we can't do it this weekend because he's coming up here and we might have a BBQ with his friend Mike. We'll see, though. This weekend we will rest. Like what I'm going to do as soon as I get offline and brush my teeth and pee.

You'd think that spending ten days with one other person, seeing him almost minute of every day during that time, would make you tired of that person. It just makes me miss him ten times as much now. My bed's lonely...