June 10th, 2002


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A year after I became single, my *new* boyfriend and I turned in our applications and $100 to reserve ourselves a 3rd-floor, 1-bedroom apartment across the street from Columbia Sportswear. With a fireplace! :) We should be hearing back from them sometime today. There's still a lot of variables, but I'm still excited.

My cousin got married on Saturday. Cory and I danced to two dances. One was accidentally. He sang along to the 80s music that was playing and made me laugh until my belly hurt. Having to find a gift for the new husband and wife made me remember why I need to crochet and cross-stitch more. All I had to do was grab the purple and brownish/grey afghan from the arm of the chair, stick a ribbon on it, and go. :)

This is the week of truth.
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I decided to start looking today at the intranet at jobs open within the company. I'm tired of being the floater. I have a project going on in PR (well, kinda) and I couldn't do it all last week because I had to be in the mailroom, and this week and next week I'm in shipping. And then after the shipping guy gets back, the supplies guy is leaving, so I have to learn how to do supply requests in the next two weeks so I can take over for him. Meanwhile, my hours change so I can take over the shipping guy's shift (it's only half an hour later than I come in, but when you ride the bus, it's a long time!). Today was slow, too. I got a lot of crocheting done, but I feel guilty doing it on company time. There's just not much else I can do, especially with Mr. I'm-a-man-which-means-I-do-everything-unless-I-want-you-to-and-if-you-don't-immediately-know-to-do-something-without-me-telling-you,-I'll-get-mad-and-yell-at-you working with me. So I sit here and crochet until Lisa comes in and then I lie and tell her I'm on a break. I don't know what else to do. I wish I could take initiative and start something, but I have no clue what to do. Grr. At least he's leaving in half an hour so I can sit here and crochet some more, hopefully in peace. I finished my second motif out of fifteen, and started on the third. Maybe I'll finish it tonight. Probably not, if I'm online half the night talking to Cory.

I got groceries on Thursday evening. They're pretty much gone. Where'd they all go? Oh yeah, Cory ate them all. He's such a pig. :) He comes over on Friday and I make him a nice meal, and then find out that he's already eaten Burger King and this is, in effect, his second dinner. When we live together, we're going to start watching what we eat. Right, G?