June 19th, 2002

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I have something like a blister on my left foot. It's not a normal blister because it's really deep. But it hurts. I forgot about it this morning and wore the same shoes I wore yesterday, and now it's gonna hurt all day. Argh.

22 days until we move!

I'm drinking a mocha. I'm afraid I've been spoiled by Coffee People's black forest mocha. And their black tiger mocha. Mmm. No more boring Starbucks for me. Well maybe a few so I can get a free one on this coffee card.
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My shopping list for tonight

2 boxes from the shipping department (they're gonna be a pain to drag home on the bus though)

Packing tape

Box or two of big ol' garbage bags to wrap the boxes in so roaches can't get in

Newspaper from somewhere in HQ if I can find any (to wrap my Breyer horses in)

Disposable camera for capturing the moving experience

Some kind of pest killer strips to put in the boxes, just in case there are any roach eggs in there.

I haven't seen roaches in a long time, but I'm still afraid there are eggs somewhere. Because if you see roaches, that means there are lots more where you can't see them. But the last one I saw was something like a month ago. I'll still be careful about it, though. I may have to wrap my bed, and maybe the chair too. I'm not too worried about those, though, because I gave Dad's chair back without de-roaching precautions, and he hasn't complained yet. :)

So tonight, since I probably won't be online (Cory has stuff to do, so no chatting), I'll pack up the stuff I won't need for awhile, and try to find some corner to stick them in. First I'll take "before" pictures. Ah, memories. I wish I could speed up the waiting process. That's the most annoying part.
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The water at Columbia Sportswear tastes like shit.

I really hope that our new water won't taste like shit. We are, after all, going to be across the street...
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So, I forgot to bring the dang boxes home. I remembered as soon as the bus approached me. I guess that makes today carpet-cleaning day. I still have bunny stains by the fireplace.