June 21st, 2002

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The air conditioning is up way too far in here. I forgot my jacket today. So I was sitting outside on the steps next to the dock and I had such a strong urge to hang upside down on the railing around the dumpsters. I didn't do it, though.
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Tri-met Drama!

Today I was riding the 89 bus home from work, and when we were on Salzman and Cornell, a black guy ran across the street and got on the bus and said "wait for one more person!" and a second later a black lady ran alongside the bus and got on, followed by a teensy Hispanic lady holding handcuffs. The black lady sat across from me on the sideways-facing seats, and the Hispanic lady said "stop the bus! That lady is under arrest! Call 911!" The bus driver was kinda confused, and he reluctantly did what she asked and told the dispacher that this lady was under arrest on his bus and he needed a police officer. The Hispanic lady was the Bale's Thriftway security guard, along with a guy who was watching the back door so the lady couldn't get out. She went up to the security guard, who kept telling her to back off (but with nastier language), and the black guy was trying to ask what was going on (he was with the lady) and asked the lady if she had any stolen stuff in her purse. Finally, the black lady pushed past the security guard and ran off, and after a minute or two later with the dispacher, the bus driver started driving again. And all the while, I was crocheting like mad, hoping it wouldn't escalate. Phew! Gotta hand it to Tri-met to make my Friday more dramatic!