June 28th, 2002

S&G 1

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Had the audition... before I say anything else, I want to say that it was a good learning experience. I've wanted to get my feet wet for a long time, and I needed to start somewhere.

I'm not saying that because I don't think I'll make it into the choir. I'm saying that either way it goes, I'll be happy about it. Gone are those high-school musical days where I went to look at the callboard during every passing time to see if the cast lists were up yet.

I took two buses to a teensy little house way past Woodstock in SE Portland. It took almost an hour. I sang my song a'capella, and the lady looked at my range and had me do a few exercises. In the end, she said she'd call me when she'd auditioned a few other people. She said the sound that she's building is fuller and more mature than my voice, which wasn't to say that I wasn't good, I'm just still young. My favorite part of the audition: when she said "You ought to be singing!" My sentiments exactly. I should have started this a long time ago. I need to get a voice teacher.

Anyway, then I waited for a loooong time for the first bus to show up outside her house, and then I waited a looooooonger time for the second bus to come. I'd had to pee since I got to her house, but I didn't have a watch and had no idea when the next bus was going to come, so I had to hold it until I got home. It took me over an hour to get home. Peeing after you've been holding it for two hours feels SO GOOD.

Then my phone batteries died so I had Cory call me back in the middle of the night so he could hear how the audition went. I don't know how he can stay up so late. I can't function in the morning if I'm up that late.