July 7th, 2002

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Mmm, Coffee People. I'm getting jittery.

So, this weekend has actually FELT long, which is quite nice. I hate it when long weekends feel shorter than normal weekends.

On Wednesday, I was expecting Cory at 1am, since he had a huge project to do. But he got here at about 7, which was nice because we had time to plan our trip a little. We set out north a bit later than planned - we slept in every morning this week, and it was always Cory's fault. :) We went up I5 and then over into uncharted (for me) territory. It was really really pretty. We got into camp for the night a little after four, after having run 40 miles into Yakima to get a new tent (Cory left the poles at home). We set up our new camping chairs and tried to tune out the neighbors' air-mattress-pumping and keep Remmy from jumping into the too-swift river. She wasn't too happy about that, but whatever. I think I could have stayed there forever. It was so peaceful.

Next morning, after sleeping in again (I have no clue how I managed to sleep until 8am on the floor of a tent in the cold and the morning sun...), we packed up and passed the neighbors' extravagent breakfast spread on our way out. We hiked up to Boulder Cave, which was really neat even without flashlights, and set out for the Ryan's orchard. We had brought back the bin given to us full of apples after Thanksgiving, but though we were excited to be rid of it, Grandpa Ryan just filled it with thirty pounds of cherries and sent us on our way. Thirty pounds are a lot of cherries. If anybody wants any, we've still got some - Vans and Rainiers. Mmm. We had meatloaf sandwiches for lunch and went for a swim wearing borrowed suits. Mine was Cory's aunt's old one - white and lacy and made probably thirty years ago. The legs were almost boy-cut, they were so low. It was kinda scary, but I wish we had had a camera. We were only in the pool for ten minutes at most, but it was perfect. We spent a bit of time in the front yard in the treehouse and on the swing, where I dried my hair. Then we went over to Cory's cousins' house and said hello and recieved jack-o-lantern stickers and pictures drawn by the niece, and were on the road again, too soon for everybody.

We had plans to camp again, and looked at a few places, but didn't really find anything so we spent the night in a hotel in Cle Elum and watched a Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci-Fi channel. It's not my favorite show - they're all the same. The next morning, we had omelettes and french toast at the "famous" Roslyn Cafe (where Northern Exposure's credits were filmed)and I gave our teenaged novice waitress a generous tip because I kept thinking about how it might be to be stuck in a tiny central Washington town all my life and it made me sad. So she got four bucks. :) After breakfast, we drove out to the Ohme gardens, which were absolutely gorgeous, and if it wasn't so hot I would have probably enjoyed them more. And if Remmy wasn't hot in the car, I would have stayed longer. Mom needs to go see the gardens. Then we drove over to Leavenworth and walked up and down for a few hours and ate bockwurst. I had a bite of Cory's candied apple but it hurt my teeth - I think I have a cavity.

After driving over beautiful Stevens Pass and stopping a few times for Remmy to play in the water, we arrived in Seattle. It was clear outside, which was surprising. The weather's always bad there. We had salmon and chips on the pier and tried to steer clear of the bums with their cardboard signs. One of them was smoking a cigar.

On the way home, Cory was pleased with himself for knowing how to get onto I5. He said "I'm fucking THE MAN! ...I mean, I'm the fucking man." I wonder which man he's fucking. :)

We got home and watched MadTV, and then in the night I had a horrible dream where this short fat black guy with a Fat Albert t-shirt was at the bus stop where I was waiting for the bus to take me home from work, and he started harrassing me (sexually and otherwise), to the point where he grabbed me and tried to drag me away with him, and then suddenly Cory was there and rather than helping me he joined in the harrassment with the other guy. I was really upset, so I ran into the nearby Blockbuster and asked to see a manager, who sat me down in an office overlooking the bus stop and started reciting what he learned in manager training about how to stop harrassment, which was no help to me, so I looked out the window down to the bus stop and saw Cory sitting on the bench with some drunk girl straddling him and kissing him. Then later on I was being artifically inseminated by my supervisor at work (it was a work project and wasn't weird to me then) and when I was done Cory and I were alone and I asked him who the girl was. I dont' remember her name, but I walked away from him thinking "I don't want to break up with someone else!" I kept thinking that now someone else knew how he kissed and I hated that. I woke up and was surprised to see him lying there beside me, and it took awhile before I felt better.

Now I'm doing laundry. Everything smells like campfire smoke.