July 11th, 2002

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I think I want to sleep at air-conditioned work tonight. Last night was NOT fun. I got up and put my head under the kitchen faucet and stood there for a few minutes, and when I was done and toweled the drips off, my hair was only damp. It was SO FUCKING HOT in my apartment - I can only imagine what Cory's 3rd-floor apartment was like. And we're moving into a 3rd-floor apartment too, but hopefully it's better at letting all the heat out. Plus, I think they've got everything closed up since nobody's been living there since they remodeled, so hopefully most of the heat is stuck outside.

Today Cory got up at 4am and set off for Greyhound, after kissing me all over and waking me up. (That's the best way to be woken up, by the way.) He's probably (hopefully) getting the U-Haul right now... I'm just praying that he doesn't hurt himself getting the couch down three floors all by himself.

So lunchtime will be a quick jaunt to turn in the money order and get the keys to our new place! I'll once again have a roommate, and I'll never get rid of him. :) And when 4pm rolls around, I've got a three-day weekend and a lot of work to do.

One question: when the phone company sets up a phone line for you, why does it take them until 5pm sometimes? When I tried getting online at 6:30 this morning at home, I found that my phone line had already been turned off. It's OK with me, though, because my provider was Qwest and I don't want to have much to do with them lately, under the circumstances.